Overseas Accounts

Overseas accounts do not only involve regular savings accounts, and include trading account, fixed deposits, corporate accounts and merchant accounts that are held overseas.

Corporate accounts overseas, for example, are opened so that assets can be invested in under the name of an individual, organisation or company (for example Nevis Company). To open an overseas account for a corporation, it is necessary to satisfy all the requisites and complete all documents that are requested to be filed with the bank. Bank references, the company’s certificate of registration, registration number and registers of shareholders and directors may be asked for to open an overseas account for a company.

In essence, overseas accounts operate very much like offshore bank accounts because of the benefits that they may enjoy as well as the facilities that may be available. An overseas account can be accessed online through internet banking, which allows for transfers, payments and other transactions to be made online. In spite of being located overseas, the balances of overseas accounts can be checked regularly or every now and then to ensure that payments are being received, interests are being deposited and all transactions are going through as desired.

Overseas accounts can be used in several ways depending on the objectives that an individual, family or corporation may wish to accomplish. Sometimes, opening an overseas account provides the degree of confidentiality and privacy that a company or person is looking for. Overseas accounts held in international banks make a number of services available and time can be taken out to look at the different investment options there are.

Where an overseas account in a currency that is lower than your currency but interest rates are much higher, returns can be much more and the opportunity to maximize these returns can be capitalized on. For example, someone who lives in the UK but owns a home or was originally born in the Caribbean, can open an overseas account in the Caribbean in a bank or credit union that offers investment and savings plans of, for example, 7 percent, and invest a relatively large amount of money, especially if say, for example, his UK banks offers 3 or 4 percent. If looking to return home to the United States or other part of the world after having worked or lived abroad, that overseas account should have accumulated sufficient assets to provide a source of income during retirement or for undertaking a project. Overseas accounts can thus be beneficial depending on the individual stand point and the context within which the account overseas is being used.

Before going off to open an overseas account, however, it is wise to find out all relevant information with regard to the requirements, terms and conditions, reporting standards and services of different banks. Just as with any other domestic bank, an overseas account should have access to checking accounts, internet banking is a great advantage, strict privacy rules, professional reliable services that make it possible to readily receive or deposit money and perform sophisticated commercial transactions. An overseas account should at least provide some form of advantage that works to your benefit at the end of the day.